Each and every entity or individual has to deal with regular tasks.

Of course, depending on specific situation, there may be more than one working approach. One can decide to have dedicated team of professionals, which are responsible for dealing with regular tasks. The other can decide to appoint the best possible individual or company for each of such tasks. However often our customers decide to keep themselves focused to their activities and assign any regular tasks to external partner.

And there is a reason for this - almost nobody wants to pay for fulltime, professional grade, employee which will be used for one hour per week. Searching for the right partner for any different regular task will require valuable time of decision makers to be used on weekly basis and hence the total expenses to be much larger than are affordable to keep effectiveness of the company or specific project.

Following the above logic it looks like the decision third party to be used for such regular task is pretty straightforward. Usually companies like ours are having enough experience in different fields and are best fit for such tasks at very affordable price. The mechanism works because of two main reasons. First - group of entities can use one professional team for the price of only one fulltime professional. But even if someone can afford to pay for full, complete set of employees, there is still one very big advantage. The regular tasks and activities are just that and their simplicity and transparency can be very important for overall company performance.

When our customers are appointing us for partner, who will deal with some range of regular tasks, then both parties benefit of this, because they want one and the same thing. Neither customer, nor we can benefit from complicating the situation - exactly the opposite. Making the things simpler and more affordable is generating profit for our customers - as they can stay in focus of their business, but also for ourselves - as we can increase our profit margin by servicing more customers with the equal effort.

If you believe that simpler is better, then maybe we are the right partner for you. We have very strong experience in IT assets integration, management and maintenance - this means that we can manage your entire IT infrastructure, including hardware, software and integrations, for you. Of course this is the simplest example of what services we can provide.

But most often our customers are expecting more than this. We have very strong experience in IT related services - this includes organization and low-level management of software and IT related projects, including planning, design and implementation phases. Our low level services in such fields are most helpful for our customers, as they are able to stay on focus of big picture and serious decisions, keeping all trivial and regular tasks assigned to loyal and experienced partner.

In almost all cases the most important things for one company are high level management and decision makers, which are responsible for general course and company disposition, and important professionals, which are responsible to directly implement management visions and decisions. Usually everything in between these important parts is just a kind of ballast, which can be at least optimized, if not removed.

We believe that with fewer employees, who are not directly involved in company products and success, the chances for stable company growth are increased dramatically. And this is not only because such employees are consuming company resources, but mainly because they tend to use a lot of management time to keep themselves recognizable.

If you are looking for possible ways of optimization of your IT related regular tasks and activities, we believe that you, at least, have to consider the opportunity of using third party partners, like our company, as one possible solution. Please do not hesitate to contact us in such case.

In the IT field Bulgaria is well known place for doing successful business using educated and talented people, who can achieve fantastic results for the very reasonable and adequate remunerations. It is not uncommon that in this situation a lot of very successful companies are having their technology centers in Bulgaria. From contact and support centers to research labs - significant part of the research, development, support and maintenance of some of the most recognized names is based in our country.

Unlike other industries, the IT one is very well positioned in Bulgaria - with very low taxes and good business climate, but also with very strategic position in Europe and perfect IT communications, a lot of companies are looking to establish their own IT business here. What was affordable only for few big companies in the near past is now affordable to everyone with good will and adequate financing. Part of Solveco business services is to help entities and individuals to start their own company here. We are proud that, regardless of intensive technologies and market changes during last decade, all of our partners continue their business here with fantastic results.

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